Jesus Christ: What Do You REALLY Want?

"What is temptation but a wish to make the wrong decision on what you would learn, and have an outcome which you do not want? You are deceived if you believe you want disaster and disunity and pain. Hear not the call for this within yourself. But listen, rather, to the deeper call beyond it, that appeals for peace and joy. And all the world will GIVE you joy and peace."

Your Mistakes Have Not Changed Your Nature. You Remain As God Created You.

"Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Over and over this must be repeated, until it is accepted. It is true. Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Nothing can touch it, nor can change what God created as eternal. The self you made, evil and full of sin, is meaningless. Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God, and light and joy and peace abide in you."

Cease Trying So Hard ... and Simply Follow Me

"You are prepared. Now you need but remember you need do nothing. It would be far more profitable now merely to concentrate on this than to consider what you should do. When peace comes at last to those who wrestle with temptation and fight against giving in to sin; when the light comes at last into the mind given to contemplation; or when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it always comes with just one happy realization; 'I need do nothing.'

"Here is the ultimate release. 'I need do nothing' is a statement of allegiance, a truly undivided loyalty. Believe it for just one instant and you will accomplish more than is given to a century of contemplation, or of struggle against temptation."

Freedom and Peace of an Open Mind

"Your self-deceptions cannot take the place of truth. No more than can a child who throws a stick into the ocean change the coming and the going of the tides, the warming of the water by the sun, the silver of the moon on it by night. Begin each day with time devoted to the preparation of your mind to learn what an open mind can offer you in freedom and in peace. Open your mind and clear it of all thoughts that would deceive, and let one thought alone engage it fully and remove the rest: 'My mind holds only what I think with God.' "

The Way To Liberty

"Who could be set free while he imprisons anyone? A jailer is not free, for he is bound together with his prisoner. He must be sure that he does not escape, and so he spends his time in keeping watch on him. The bars which limit him become the world in which the jailer lives, along with him. And it is on his freedom that the way to liberty depends for both of them. Therefore hold no one prisoner. Release instead of bind, for thus are you made free. The way is simple. Every time you feel a stab of anger, realize you hold a sword above your head. And it will fall or be averted as you choose to be condemned or free. Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your Savior from the prison-house of death."

Truly Affordable Health Care

"All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. Healing is release from the fear of awakening, and the substitution of the will to awaken. The will to awaken is the will to love, since all healing involves replacing fear with love. The name of God's Son is One, and you are enjoined to do the works of love because we share this oneness. If you are sick, you are withdrawing from me. The unification of purpose, then, is the Holy Spirit's only way of healing."

The Amazing Grace of Patience

"Your patience with each other is your patience with yourselves. Is not a child of God worth patience? I have shown you infinite patience, because my will is that of our Father, from whom I learned of infinite patience. His voice was in me, as it is in you, speaking for patience towards the Sonship, in the name of its Creator. What you need to learn now is that only infinite patience can produce immediate effects. This is the way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls upon infinite Love, and by producing results now renders time unnecessary."